SELECTRAZYME β-glucuronidase

3.SELECTRAZYME β-glucuronidase
Abalone derived β-glucuronidase is used for the enzymatic hydrolysis of glucuronides from urine, blood and serum prior to analysis by enzyme immunoassay, mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, and other means. Typically, between 1 to 10 units of glucuronidase is used per microliter of the sample matrix. The exact amount needed will depend on the specific conditions used and must be determined empirically.

Abalone derived β-glucuronidase is a crude solution of enzymes. Many β-glucuronidases derived from mollusks also contain sulfatase activity. For this reason, the sulfatase activity of the material is also determined. Abalone derived β-glucuronidase is more thermal tolerant as compared to enzymes derived from E. coli, H. pomatia and bovine liver. Therefore the hydrolysis reaction can be carried out at a higher temperature providing hydrolysis in less time and achieving a higher degree of hydrolysis of metabolites like morphine-3-glucuronide.

Another application of Abalone derived β-glucuronidase is for the deconjugation of steroids in human and animal urine samples. When compared with H. pomatia, Limpet and bovine liver, abalone derived β-glucuronidase provides best results.

15 March 2018

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